What exactly is black twitter?

Black Twitter is a cultural identity comprising the African-American Twitter users. In other words, it is a virtual community that addresses the issues of the black community. It originated from the black American members, hence strongest in America though it has gained popularity in Africa too especially in South Africa.

The first published comments on the black twitter were in the year 2008 by blogger Anil Dash. He developed the Twitter memes such as #BlackCelebsBeLike and #GrowingUpBlack. In the year 2010, the term gained popularity after Farhad Manjo wrote an article about how black people use black twitter. It was in the sense of his observation that young black people formed tight clusters and tended to follow and retweet each other more.

The main cause of the increased attention of the Black Twitter is the fight against racism. The community protested to companies selling products from Paula Deen, who was accused of racism. This and many more incidences of condemning racism have been the reason for the growth of the community.

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Death of rap music is coming, according to Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, the singer/bassist for one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history has taken a punch against rap as well as pop music. According to him, he is “Looking forward to the death of rap.” which he feels like in ten to twenty years from now won’t exist and there will be something totally new taking its place. The music industry has lost its touch and he feels like it’s mostly due to the internet. While he might still sell millions of records thanks to the internet, a lot of young new acts out there have to give out their music for free which is totally wrong according to Gene.

Kiss emerged from the streets of New York as rap and he says that there has never been a band that has been able to play to stadiums full of fans across the world as they have. Gene said all this while doing an interview with Rolling Stone on the state of the music industry.

source: rollingstone

Drake Vs. Meek Mill Beef Continues

There is trouble in the rap world in the form of an ongoing feud between rappers Drake and Meek Mill. According to fellow rap world expert Charlamagne, Meek may have won this round. The song in question titled War Pain seems like it is directed right at Drake. However, it seems like Meek was able to outsmart Drake with his lyrics. Charlamagne went on to say that while this song is effective at taking a shot at Drake he thinks that it was released six months too late to have a real impact on him.

Drake has other things on his mind as well. Drake released the song Summer Sixteen and this song is attacking Meek Mill and other established rappers. Drake stated that the younger rappers want to be like him. Charlamagne told Drake that he does not compare to Kayne West and that while he may be allowed to take a shot at Jay-Z, his music he will never reach his level. The rapper then went on to say that nobody else in the rap game is close to reaching the level of Jay-Z at the moment.

While all of this is going on many are worried that the war will take off from the songs to real life. Neither Meek or Drake have gotten physical at this point and the rappers are mainly fighting over Niki Minaj. Meek is currently with this rap queen while there have been rumors that Ms. Minaj and Drake have been more than friends in the past.

These songs are the latest development in this rap war between Meek and Drake. While the rappers continue to take cheap shots at each other fans have to wonder when will this all end.

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Rapper Killer Mike supports Bernie Sanders

Hip Hop artists are putting in their vote in the Presidential Election. Rappers are selecting the candidates that they like and are putting in their vote. Killer Mike is a supporter of Bernie Sanders. He has referred to himself as the rap game Bernie Sanders and due to this is showing support for this candidate. According to the rapper he has an unconventional method which is building a following in the hip hop community.

When Killer Mike was asked how he would compare Hillary Clinton to in the rap he almost instantly said Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice has been accused of ripping of other artists in the game. Killer Mike was making a reference toward this incident with his answer. Rappers and their political views are more mainstream than ever. They have the power to influence fans and their opinions about presidential candidates is something to keep an eye on. No artist besides Killer Mike has outright supported a candidate yet, however this could change in the coming months.

Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 Grammy Performance Was Breathtaking

Kendrick Lamar did it again. This time, he delivered both creativity and powerful message in his Grammy 2016 performance which turns out to be one of the most amazing in recent years.

He entered the stage in shackles and then approached the mic with chains around his arms and legs while his band was locked away in jail cells around him.

Politically inspired performance started with “The Blacker the Berry” and after the power of the song set him free, we saw some beautiful visual effects in the transition to the “Alright” song that literally set the stage on fire. Kendrick performed the song in front of a giant bonfire. Dancers and drummers were there just to complete the picture of native Africa. With light fading out Kendrick became more energetic than ever in performing his newest song, with some interesting fast-action camera movement following him.

Visually beautiful and certainly memorable performance ended with word Compton written over the image of Africa.

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Former wrestler Hulk Hogan lands $115 million in Gawker Lawsuit

Hulk Hogan, the legendary retired wrestler has been awarded $115 million as damages for the damages caused due to an invasion of his privacy by Gawker.com. Last Friday, a Florida jury gave orders to Gawker.com to compensate Hulk Hogan that colossal amount of money as compensation for the sex tape that they had published

The wrestler whose legal name is Terry Gene Bollea was full of emotion when then verdict when the ruling was made on Friday afternoon, he was already in tears when the jury read out the judgment. The case was concluded after six hours in court.

Mr. Bollea’s team of attorneys was ecstatic following the judgment. They said the judgment served as a warning to firms that invade the privacy of individuals in pretence of journalism

The damages that were awarded to Mr.Bollea on Friday were broken down as follows; $55 million were to cater for the economic harm caused while $60 were to compensate for the emotional distress caused.

Hip Hop Loves Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has serious hip-hop cred. There’s no question that he is the favorite presidential candidate in the hip hop community. And he’s had a quite a few moments to prove it.

Atlanta MC, Killer Mike, has been an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders over the last several months. He strongly endorses him and did a six-part interview that pretty much broke the Internet. Rapper T.I. has also shown his support for Bernie, along with Big Boi and Lil B. They have all made it very clear where their support lies.

Bernie has not given up and continue to fight for the democratic nomination. He even sat down with the Breakfast Club to discuss why the black vote matters, the war on drugs, and even police brutality. No other candidate has such strong support from the hip hop community and Bernie does not take this lightly. He has long been a fighter for civil rights and equal rights.