Q-Tip Makes History With The Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center released their seasonal announcements and named rapper Q-Tip as their first artistic director of hip hop culture. A founding member of the group A Tribe Called Quest, he is expected to begin curating performances this summer. According to the Kennedy Center’s press release, he will establish a program that reaches all disciplines by bringing the historic hip hop history to the Kennedy Center.


Nas was the first rapper to ever perform with the National Symphony Orchestra in 2014. Kendrick Lamar’s performance sold out last year and was an amazing performance. It’s exciting to know that hip hop is on the programming schedule for 2016. And it should be. Hip hop is a vital idiom and deserves a voice at the Kennedy Center.

Q-Tip noted that with the constant changes and elevation of hip hop that it is easy to forget the history of it. He wants people to have a better understanding of the journey, its present and create a powerful future. This new series, Hi-ARTS, will feature six events between July 2016 and June 2017.

Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Battling a Serious Disease

Rapper Krayzie Bone from the group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, canceled a recent show due to Sarcoidosis. The disease appears as a collection of inflamed cells and took the life of comedian Bernice Mac in 2008. Krayzie Bone took to Twitter to send a message to fans, “Canada thank you for your support sorry I had to cut it short due to sickness but I will be back to make those date up soon! Much Love” Afterwards, he posted that the remainder of the tour dates were postponed.

Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease and affects the lungs. This explains why he thought he had pneumonia. Although the rapper didn’t say when he was diagnosed, but it appears that he’s been sick for a while – at least since February 6 when he tweeted “Sucks being sick.” he potentially fatal disease doesn’t have Krayzie Bone worried. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is working on new music and he fully intends to continue the Canadian tour at a later date.

Hip Hop Meets Broadway

The record-breaking Broadway play Hamilton is loaded with uncertain historical facts and musical references to popular hip hop songs. Unfortunately, they go over the heads of those that can actually afford the tickets. Realizing this, a video was actually put together to explain the rap references in the show. A few of the references are obvious like “Ten Duel Commandments” spun from Notorious B.I.G’s 1997 song “Ten Crack Commandments”. It’s important that the audience understands dueling was a ritual back then.

image via rollingstone
Other references could be missed by even the most well-versed hip-hop fans. The refrain from “Meet Him Inside” was derived from DMX’s “Meet me outside” line from “Up In Here”. When the role of George Washington tells the audience, “You could have been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with us in New York City” he is actually referencing Jay Z’s line from “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” “You could have been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with me and I appreciate that”.

The show has built a tremendous fan base and countless awards.

source: vanityfair.com

Hip Hop artist help law enforcement end violence

Artist William Holmes is putting Iowa on the Hip Hop map, and he is using a helpful member of the police force to do it. Dana Wingert was awarded his police officers badge a year ago, and now he is starring in a music video aimed at helping troublesome youth. Holmes, known to his fans as Will Keeps, escaped gang violence himself when he was younger and now he wants to help teenagers and young adults who might be facing similar dangers to what he experienced. The music video, set to Holmes’s song “We Fight” is seven minutes in length and stars police officer Dana Wingert as a regular police officer who comes across a troublesome man in a gas station and a gun battle ensues. Holmes states that he wants to use the music video to teach youth about respecting authority figures and law enforcement officers trying to keep Iowa safe. His aim is simple, to “put Iowa on the map when it comes to music.”

source – whotv

Stephen Colbert Skewers Kanye West’s Recent Actions In Late Show Segment

Through 38 years of living, Kanye West has accomplished a lot in the music industry. His recent actions have drawn plenty of confused looks and criticism, though. Before the Grammy Awards, West tweeted that he wouldn’t attend the event unless given Album of The Year honors. He wasn’t nominated in that category, and then a song off his album claimed responsibility for Taylor Swift’s fame. A number of recent tweets called for help from Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Larry Page.

Apparently, Kanye West is walking around with over $50 million in debt, too. Stephen Colbert recently took West to task for his strange behavior on a segment of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert cracks jokes and clowns on West for his myriad of tweets in the past couple weeks. For such strange behavior, Yeezy deserves the criticism, and Colbert brings the laughs for the viewing audience. The Late Show host isn’t the only late-night host to hand West some harsh words! Continue reading Stephen Colbert Skewers Kanye West’s Recent Actions In Late Show Segment