Marijuana can be an enhancement or a detractor depending on the situation

It’s obvious for anyone to want to know the benefits of whatever they inhale or ingest. On the latest editions of “Ask a pornstar,” many famous hd porn stars were asked if marijuana made sex any better. Uh, the answers were quite surprising!

Don’t get too excited as there were both pros and cons to using marijuana during sex. Let’s get started with the pros. Many porn stars who were high on weed during sex acknowledged that it made them relaxed and hence lasted longer. Some even said it made them more flirtatious and made the whole sex process quite comfortable. Well, that’s not all; in order to enjoy sex while you are high, you need to use the right variety of weed.

Those who were against using marijuana during sex gave dryness of mouth, dizziness and falling asleep as its cons. Dryness of mouth denied them a chance to give out some BJs while dizziness sent most of them to slumber land. The porn stars who were extremely high on weed said they could no longer concentrate on the sex process due to continuous blabbing that ended in neither of the two sex parties enjoying sex.

So here is the bottom-line; marijuana can be an enhancement or a detractor depending on the situation under which you are having sex or the variety you use. However, no matter how awesome sex becomes after using marijuana, you need to know that using it illegally can get you in trouble.

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