The best 2016 black twitter posts

Black twitter is a force, an identity that focuses primarily on issues affecting the black community. It cannot be well understood by those who are not a part of it. It describes a large community of black twitter users, their loosely coordinated interactions most of which become trending topics due to the interconnectedness, network size and their unique activity.

Black twitter was responsible for drawing the attention of the entire nation to the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson in August 2014. The witnesses to his killing broke the news via twitter and in no time, the accounts of what had happened had spread through twitter with the hashtags #MikeBrown and #Ferguson.

Other popular black twitter hashtags include #YouOKSis which raises awareness of the harassment in the streets, #IAmJada that calls for solidarity of sexual assault victims, #BringBackOurGirls that focuses on the abduction of the schools going girls in Nigeria and #BlackLivesMatter that adds voice to the much needed reform in the police departments.

Black twitter has used its power to launch different campaigns that criticize different incidences of racial tone deafness common cross the media.

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