Notable mixtapes by rapper Chief Keef

On my way to work i listen to chief keef‘s hip hop mixtapes. Chief is a chicago rapper that came into the picture in 2012 with his song “John Madden“.

Bang Pt. 2
After a couple of setbacks in his career, including 60 days in detention, Chief Keef managed to pull out another mixtape titled Bang Pt 2 ( a follow up to Bang) with hosting from DJ Holiday, Michael Blackson, and Mike Epps. Bang Pt 2 was released on August 15th, 2013 with help from Tarentino and Zaytoven as producers. Bang Pt 2 was produced as a solo project with only one track featuring GBE’s Tadoe and Tray Savage.

Almighty So

In less than three months after the release of Bang Pt 2, Chief Keef graced his fans with Almighty so, a project that was released on October 12th, 2013 with hosting from Dj Scream. The project got a boost from Cdai and Tadoe as contributing artists. With its release, Chief Keef showed that he is not tired of adding solid projects to his growing works. Almighty so consists of the following 15 songs that you can wild out to.

Big Gucci Sosa

Joining hands with Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, A Chicago based rapper went ahead to release the long awaited mixtape titled Big Gucci Sosa. Despite most critics saying that Chief Keef’s collaboration with Gucci will head his career down low, fan seemed to rave up to it. Big Gucci Sosa was produced by 1017 Records, a Gucci founded label. The horror-themed mixtape consists of 12 songs.

Back From The Dead 2

After blasting his fans with Big Gucci Sosa( with Gucci Mane), Chief Keef once again rose from the dead by releasing “Back From The Dead 2” featuring Tadoe and Gucci. Back From The Dead 2 serves as a sequel to the 2012 mixtape “Back from the dead” and was produced by young chop, Ace Bankz, 808 Mafia and Chief Keef himself handling the bigger part. The hosting part was handled by Dj Holiday. “Back From The Dead 2” is a long project that consists of 20 tracks.

Sorry 4 The Weight

After several delays from its release date, Chief Keef’s Sorry 4 The Weight mixtape finally got released on Feb 18th, 2015 with an opening wordplay referencing Lil Wayne’s recent piece“sorry for the wait”. The 18 –track mixtape was made an indoor project with DPGGP, Chopsquaddj and GGP managing its production while Dj Holiday chairing its hosting. Sorry 4 The Weight featured Benji Glo and Andy Milonakis in its guest appearance slots.

Almighty DP 2

Teaming up with DP Beats for the second time, Chief Keef released Almighty DP 2 as the second installment with 11 cool tracks. Almighty DP 2 has a lot in common to its prequel as both have a similar formula. The mixtape did not have other guest vocals apart from DP Beats who also handled its production.

Finally Rolling 2

Even though chief has a bad reputation in keeping his word, for once he did not disappoint his fans as he dropped his new project “Finally Rolling 2” in time as the fans expected. Finally Rolling 2 has Chief rapping some of the old 00’s classics and a few well crafted remixes such as “Stuntin’ like My Mama.” Finally Rolling 2 was produced by Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin & Southside, TM88 and chief’s long-serving producer Zaytoven. Hosting was at the helm of no one other than Dj Holiday, who has hosted other Chief Keef’s tapes.

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