Notable mixtapes by rapper Chief Keef

On my way to work i listen to chief keef‘s hip hop mixtapes. Chief is a chicago rapper that came into the picture in 2012 with his song “John Madden“.

Bang Pt. 2
After a couple of setbacks in his career, including 60 days in detention, Chief Keef managed to pull out another mixtape titled Bang Pt 2 ( a follow up to Bang) with hosting from DJ Holiday, Michael Blackson, and Mike Epps. Bang Pt 2 was released on August 15th, 2013 with help from Tarentino and Zaytoven as producers. Bang Pt 2 was produced as a solo project with only one track featuring GBE’s Tadoe and Tray Savage.

Almighty So

In less than three months after the release of Bang Pt 2, Chief Keef graced his fans with Almighty so, a project that was released on October 12th, 2013 with hosting from Dj Scream. The project got a boost from Cdai and Tadoe as contributing artists. With its release, Chief Keef showed that he is not tired of adding solid projects to his growing works. Almighty so consists of the following 15 songs that you can wild out to.

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