Does Hollywood have a diversity problem?

The debate in Hollywood right now is diversity. Hip Hop magazine, The Source, shared its voice to the ongoing debate through its recent cover which shows an Oscar award holding up a fist for Black power. The award is flanked by movie reels that include images of movies that were seen as “snubbed” by the Academy Awards. The article itself discusses whether its too late to sway opinions of Academy members that vote on movies.

There has been a cloud of criticism over the Oscars for their lack of diversity. There were no actors or actresses of color nominated for any role this year. Many believe that actors such as Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan deserved to be recognized. In addition, the Hip Hop biopic, Straight Outta Compton, was only nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Hip Hop artist and actor, Will Smith, was also expected to be nominated for his leading role in Concussion. He also expressed his solidarity by not attending the ceremony.

On the heels of the Grammy Awards, Kendrick Lamar gave an outstanding and ground breaking performance. His critically acclaimed album, To Pimp a Butterfly, tells the story of himself dealing with conflicts and struggles as a black man in America. Hip Hop continues to evolve and rappers are still relying on hip hop from the 90’s for inspiration. Hip Hop has also seen its share of diversity, whether its wanted to or not. Artists like Mackelmore, Iggy Izaela, and Machine Gun Kelly have been able to find their places in the Hip Hop world. But when hardly any black artists won in Hip Hop categories last year, people began to wonder about where the art was headed.

As Hip Hop continues to grow in Hollywood, we will continue to see good and bad changes. We can look back and see how far Hip Hop has come in film and music.

Brat Simpson remakes Drake’s Started from the Bottom song

Brat Simpson just trolled Drake in the episode, Gal of Constant Sorrow, by shooting a spoof on rapper Drake’s solo number – Started from the Bottom. Brat’s extravagance begins as he gets his tenant, an old lady residing in his closet, paying him a week’s rent of seven dollars in advance. Though Brat hasn’t got a million dollars to spend lavishly like Drake, yet, Milhouse escorts Brat to a place of middle class binge – 98 cents shop. Funky sunglasses docked on the nose, and with a cool dude chain around the neck, Brat dumps the basket with tassels and gums. A slow motion sequence of girls dancing in the shower of chocolates, rained by the well-heeled guy, adds to the humor. The Simpsons has deliberately included many cameos from well known albums and album makers of noteworthy category. Drake’s track is just another score in a long list of pop songs which have boomed beats in background.


Judge called 50 back to court because he flashed money on his Instagram

The rapper 50 Cent was lately called back to the bankruptcy court for the pictures he hes been uploading on Instagram. The photos are in contrary to the claims the rapper made in a statement in a bankruptcy court hearing in July 2015. Ever since 50 cent started his career as a rapper back in 2002, he has portrayed himself as a wealthy hustler. It is for this reason that many were shocked when he declared that he was bankrupt after being required to pay a penalty of seven million dollars in case a sex tape case to Lastonia Levenson, the ex-girlfriend of Rick Ross. Following his claims, the court allowed him to only settle a fraction of the penalty.

However, in the past few months, new proof has arose suggesting that the rapper may have made up the story about being bankrupt. The lady whom the rapper was required to pay the fine, recently came across 50’s Instagram page where he has uploaded photos of himself in bed with huge amounts of money. It is for this reason that the judge, Ann Nevins has questioned the validity of the rapper’s financial status and required him back in court.

source: inquisitr

Chief Keef – Traumatized (new song)

Chief Keef just released a new song produced by Metro Boomin.

Considering that Keef’s announced their collaboration on EP entitled “Peacocks, Peacoats, Flavor & Paper”, that is yet to see the light of day, “Traumatized” can be seen as a remainder that the project is still on-going. Metro’s work on this one is amazing and provides just the right amount of dark atmosphere for a track themed around Keef’s bragging about traumatizing anybody who wants beef.

This instrumental fits perfectly with Keef’s lazy and somewhat hard-to-comprehend delivery and lyrics like “seventeen shots in this 45-50 in the Glock, hundred in the chop, let’s see how many kills we can get Black Ops“. With just one short verse and a hook, it can also be interpreted as a freestyle and the fact that instrumental was already used by Young Thug for his “Warrior” song favors that idea. But nevertheless, the substance is not lacking and the song is undoubtedly hot.


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Stephen Colbert Skewers Kanye West’s Recent Actions In Late Show Segment

Through 38 years of living, Kanye West has accomplished a lot in the music industry. His recent actions have drawn plenty of confused looks and criticism, though. Before the Grammy Awards, West tweeted that he wouldn’t attend the event unless given Album of The Year honors. He wasn’t nominated in that category, and then a song off his album claimed responsibility for Taylor Swift’s fame. A number of recent tweets called for help from Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Larry Page.

Apparently, Kanye West is walking around with over $50 million in debt, too. Stephen Colbert recently took West to task for his strange behavior on a segment of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert cracks jokes and clowns on West for his myriad of tweets in the past couple weeks. For such strange behavior, Yeezy deserves the criticism, and Colbert brings the laughs for the viewing audience. The Late Show host isn’t the only late-night host to hand West some harsh words! Continue reading Stephen Colbert Skewers Kanye West’s Recent Actions In Late Show Segment

Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 Grammy Performance Was Breathtaking

Kendrick Lamar did it again. This time, he delivered both creativity and powerful message in his Grammy 2016 performance which turns out to be one of the most amazing in recent years.

He entered the stage in shackles and then approached the mic with chains around his arms and legs while his band was locked away in jail cells around him.

Politically inspired performance started with “The Blacker the Berry” and after the power of the song set him free, we saw some beautiful visual effects in the transition to the “Alright” song that literally set the stage on fire. Kendrick performed the song in front of a giant bonfire. Dancers and drummers were there just to complete the picture of native Africa. With light fading out Kendrick became more energetic than ever in performing his newest song, with some interesting fast-action camera movement following him.

Visually beautiful and certainly memorable performance ended with word Compton written over the image of Africa.

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Kirko Bangz – Playa Made EP (fresh hiphop mixtape)

Kirko has not been in the game for sometime, so this EP will hopefully hold fans over as we hang on for his debut album. The mixtape couldn’t have come at a better time because it has been a long time coming. The rapper has been away since around 2013. This was at the time he was crowned the XXL Freshmen. The project has six new tracks and features guest appearances from Chinky P, Jacquees, X.O, Sledgren, Trakksoundz and others.

The new EP titled “Playa Made” was released after a slight delay, just in time for the weekend. You can listen to it online or download it for later listening. This is the list of tracks in the tape and we hope they will keep our heads banging.

Vanity, Singer and Actress Dies At 57

Vanity, a singer, actress and a born again evangelist dies right after the “day of love”-February 15. She succumbed to death after suffering from Sclerosis Encapsulating Peritonitis for a long time. The actress rose to fame as a result of her former hit Nasty Girl that won her a wider audience.

By the time of her death, Denise Katrina Mathews, her real names, died at the age 57. Before she turned to evangelism, she had several albums under her belt that included Skin on Skin and Wild Animal. Some of her hit singles that did the rounds include Undress, Mechanical Emotion and Pretty Mess.

By the time Vanity succumbed to renal failure, she had successfully starred in various movies like Action Jackson, 52 pick-up and The Last Dragon. She was also working on a book that she hoped would help her raise her medical bills. On Gofundme, Vanity said she had never been an alcoholic in her entire life. This was in response to her former diagnosis that indicated she had Pancreatitis although the diagnosis was reverted to Sclerosis Encapsulating Peritonitis.

In her former posts, Vanity said she was in a lot of pain and added that she will hold on until her savior comes for her soul. The renal failure she had was attributed to her former drug abuse in 1994 that saw her go through 23 surgeries.

Most of her fans, hiphop family and friends including Sheila E, her drummer sent their heartfelt condolences to her family.