Queen Beyoncé set to Release New Album in April

Destiny Child’s star, Beyoncé, surprised almost everyone when she released her last album ‘Beyoncé‘ in 2013. This time around the release of her new album, should not be such a surprise. There are a lot of rumors surrounding Beyoncé’s work in the last month. According to a report from HITS Daily Double, Beyoncé is set to release her new album sometimes in April this year.

Rumors first started with the release of her new single ‘Formation‘. ‘Formation’ was released just before she performed it for the first time during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. The single got raving reviews for the critic circle, and debuted at #11 of Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay. This makes ‘Formation’ the highest debuting single of Beyoncé’s career.

In addition to the release of ‘Formation’, Beyoncé also sparked rumors about the new album with her announcement of the new ‘Formation World Tour’ which should start on 27th of April, at Marlins Field in Miami. This further ignites the speculation that she will release her new album in April. One thing is for sure, people who like her and her work should circle April on their calendars, because Beyoncé is ready to set the world on fire once again.

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Asking Adult Actress If they Like To Have Analingus

The Youtube video Ask a Porn Star: “Do You Have Anal Sex?” offers some excellent behind-the-scene insight (pun intended) of the porn industry. This list of 3 anecdotes is certain to make you learn something new!

Not every Porn Star has anal sex on camera. It’s easy to get the idea that anyone who is ready to make porn, is also willing to take it up the butt. That is, however, a false impression. While it does pay more, almost half of the pornstars interviewed refuse to do it on camera! Reasons can vary, but in general, it is a question of comfort. Some girls are a “little bit picky” about who they let in their ass, whereas other girls are simply not into it. The best reason not to do it is probably given by August Ames, who asks “doesn’t it feel like you have to poop”?

Failing an hd free porn scene on camera can make you feel like a failure. Cadence Lux recounts how she called her friend, after she failed to do anal sex on camera, and told him: “Yo, fuck me in the ass right now because I just failed and I feel like a failure”. Sure enough, that was her only time doing anal! Doing porn might increase might how frequently you have anal sex in your personal life.

Many Porn Stars explain that while they were not truly into anal before, doing it on camera opened their mind and made them more comfortable to do it in their bedroom. However, not all of them truly like it. Some say that it depends on the cock, on their mood, or sometimes it’s all about the chemistry. What is certain however is that the philosophical words of Leya Falcon summarize the whole anal question in a nice way: “There’s a hole, you’re supposed to stick something in it, obviously. We don’t just have holes for no reason”.
If you want to learn more about anal sex in the porn industry, you can watch the video Ask a Porn Star: “Do You Have Anal Sex?” directly on Youtube.

Apps like Tinder is killing love


In this video we see various arguments that dating sites like Tinder, are not really working for finding love. Philosopher Richard Kearney argues for this that we live in the “Age of excavation”, where we “obsess about the body in increasingly disembodies ways”. Dates are not being represented in the traditional way of finding love, but instead on pre-arranged abases algorithms. We are being attracted on the simulation of a person on photos and other things, rather than the actual person him or herself. Other arguments are that there are too many people on Tinder, which will make it harder to focus on just one person, and by using dating sites like Tinder, people are sort of ”creating” someone they want them to be, rather than falling in love with someone you won’t expect in real life.