Social media superstar Kim Kardashian tied up robbed in Paris


Just a little bit after midnight at her luxurious apartment in the Eighth Arrondissement of Paris, France, social media celebrity and pop culture icon Kim Kardashian West was left alone to fend for herself against two masked assailants who broke into her abode, tied her up, and gagged her. Later on, the two masked trespassers escaped along with at least three more accomplices but not without first bagging millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry.

Kim Kardashian had been in Paris to attend an exclusive Fashion Week reception and dinner in the Marais section of Paris. After the event, she even had time to pose for a few pictures together with her sister Kourtney Kardashian. It was after the paparazzi escapade wherein Kim resigned to her apartment together with her bodyguard.

Kanye West, who is married to the reality television star, was in the middle of a concert at the time of the incident. Upon receiving the news of the events that had transpired in Paris, West immediately walked off right in the middle of his concert in Queens to attend to his wife. West initially drew mixed reactions from fans during his abrupt walk-off.

As of now, investigators are uncertain as to why Kim Kardashian West was without her bodyguard at the time of the robbing and what intelligence that perpetrators had had in order to carry out the crime. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, has expressed her support for Mrs. West in a statement, along with a condemnation of the criminals and the atrocities they have committed:

“I condemn the attack Kim Kardashian suffered last night in her hotel. She has my support and will always be welcome here in Paris. I have full confidence that the police force, as part of their investigation, will quickly identify and apprehend the perpetrators of these acts.”

Kim Kardashian West was described to have been visibly shaken after the incident but is otherwise unharmed.

Here’s A One Of A Kind O-face Social Experiment!

What’s worse than getting caught watching free porn videos, you might ask? Well, how about putting up your O-faces online for the entire world to see? As ridiculous as it sounds, Cut Video has somehow managed to pull this off – with one hundred people! We’ve always loved to pry into the sex lives of others. Some of us have even read a great deal about it and let our imaginations run wild, but nothing beats this! Close those doors, curtain up your windows, sit back and enjoy this ride!

Things surely got awkward when the protocol was laid out. Who on earth prepared for this anyway!?
Things surely got awkward when the protocol was laid out. Who on earth prepared for this anyway!?
All blushes aside, once they got into the groove, there was no stopping them.
All blushes aside, once they got into the groove, there was no stopping them.
Well, take a good look at that..
Well, take a good look at that..
 Even the eyeballs are all goofy!
Even the eyeballs are all goofy!
Here’s one last GIF to make you cringe harder!
Here’s one last GIF to make you cringe harder!

That was one hell of a ride! How about getting your own expressions on tape to see how badly you fare?

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Marijuana can be an enhancement or a detractor depending on the situation

It’s obvious for anyone to want to know the benefits of whatever they inhale or ingest. On the latest editions of “Ask a pornstar,” many famous hd porn stars were asked if marijuana made sex any better. Uh, the answers were quite surprising!

Don’t get too excited as there were both pros and cons to using marijuana during sex. Let’s get started with the pros. Many porn stars who were high on weed during sex acknowledged that it made them relaxed and hence lasted longer. Some even said it made them more flirtatious and made the whole sex process quite comfortable. Well, that’s not all; in order to enjoy sex while you are high, you need to use the right variety of weed.

Those who were against using marijuana during sex gave dryness of mouth, dizziness and falling asleep as its cons. Dryness of mouth denied them a chance to give out some BJs while dizziness sent most of them to slumber land. The porn stars who were extremely high on weed said they could no longer concentrate on the sex process due to continuous blabbing that ended in neither of the two sex parties enjoying sex.

So here is the bottom-line; marijuana can be an enhancement or a detractor depending on the situation under which you are having sex or the variety you use. However, no matter how awesome sex becomes after using marijuana, you need to know that using it illegally can get you in trouble.

The Explicit Photos Of Iggy Azalea’s Big Ass Breaks Instagram

Iggy Azalea has been recently bursting the Instagram with countless photos of her round big ass. She has left many men eagerly salivating with the nude photos posing in every available style and manner. Despite the fact many of her critics have pointed out that she is photoshopping her pictures she posts on Instagram, the celebrated singer is not giving a damn about it and has continued posting even more explicit photos.

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Many of her fans love fantasizing about her much-exposed assets with others claiming that her ass is not natural accusing her of undergoing a plastic surgery to enhance her ass and make her waist tiny. The rapper has in the past admitted to undergoing breast augmentation but has not answered claims about her supposedly enhanced bottoms.

iggy-azalea-2via pinterest

Her nude photos have been spreading on the Instagram-like wildfire with most of her followers giving suggestive comments about her intentions with the nude and erotic photos. A section of her followers claimed that she is probably attracting a suitor after she underwent a condensed moment way back in march. With these comments, we hope she will be up to it.

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Rapper Bankroll Fresh gunned down outside Atlanta Studio

The hip hop community reacts to the murder of Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh. He was shot Friday night at the well-known recording studio, Street Execs Studio. He was transported to a hospital but later died from his injuries. According to news reports, more than 50 shell casings were collected from the scene – inside and outside.

Friends of the rapper gathered outside the studio and played his music in remembrance. Bankroll Fresh, whose birth name is Trentavious White was shot just before 11 p.m. on Friday night and was pronounced dead shortly before midnight. Currently, the police have no information about potential motives or possible suspects. Bankroll Fresh was best known for his 2014 single “Hot Boy”. He was signed by Atlanta rapper 2Chainz. All weekend long, hip-hop artists expressed their condolences and tributes on Twitter. Fabolous, Big Boi, Jermaine Dupri, and Rae Sremmurd all took to social media with heartfelt messages for the rapper.

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What exactly is black twitter?

Black Twitter is a cultural identity comprising the African-American Twitter users. In other words, it is a virtual community that addresses the issues of the black community. It originated from the black American members, hence strongest in America though it has gained popularity in Africa too especially in South Africa.

The first published comments on the black twitter were in the year 2008 by blogger Anil Dash. He developed the Twitter memes such as #BlackCelebsBeLike and #GrowingUpBlack. In the year 2010, the term gained popularity after Farhad Manjo wrote an article about how black people use black twitter. It was in the sense of his observation that young black people formed tight clusters and tended to follow and retweet each other more.

The main cause of the increased attention of the Black Twitter is the fight against racism. The community protested to companies selling products from Paula Deen, who was accused of racism. This and many more incidences of condemning racism have been the reason for the growth of the community.

Popular black twitter sites:

The best 2016 black twitter posts

Black twitter is a force, an identity that focuses primarily on issues affecting the black community. It cannot be well understood by those who are not a part of it. It describes a large community of black twitter users, their loosely coordinated interactions most of which become trending topics due to the interconnectedness, network size and their unique activity.

Black twitter was responsible for drawing the attention of the entire nation to the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson in August 2014. The witnesses to his killing broke the news via twitter and in no time, the accounts of what had happened had spread through twitter with the hashtags #MikeBrown and #Ferguson.

Other popular black twitter hashtags include #YouOKSis which raises awareness of the harassment in the streets, #IAmJada that calls for solidarity of sexual assault victims, #BringBackOurGirls that focuses on the abduction of the schools going girls in Nigeria and #BlackLivesMatter that adds voice to the much needed reform in the police departments.

Black twitter has used its power to launch different campaigns that criticize different incidences of racial tone deafness common cross the media.

Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” is the Best Hip Hop Album of 2015

The year 2015 saw the release of yet another epic album from one of the most talented American rappers. “To Pimp a Butterfly” was released on March 15 2015 by Aftermath Entertainment and Top Dawg Entertainment while Interscope Records distributed it.

The album received two nominations during the 58th Grammy Awards: Album of the Year Award and Best Rap Album Award, winning the latter. Previously, the lead single “i” had won the Best Rap Song Award and Best Rap Performance during the 2015 ceremony. The song, “These Walls” won the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration award. Out of the four nominations that included the Song of the Year and the Best Music Video Awards, “Alright” won the Best Rap Performance Award and the Best Rap Song awards.

This album is very similar to Nas Untitled album which focuses on the life of a African American citizen. Like Nas in the song project, Roach portrays the black man as a long-lasting yet unwanted pest. In this album, Kendrick comes off with keeping faithful to the culture and also loving one’s self. This album draws contrasts and similarities from the various other classics that came before it.

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The Breakfast Club Interviews Maury Povich About Music Marketing vs. Rumors

Liars, cheaters, and all the drama of a classic Maury Povich talk Show moments come out in this hilarious video interview with The Breakfast Club. Maury shares from his 18 years on daytime TV with memories from some of the funniest episodes. Those familiar stories of someone going to jail, cheating with family, and the ever-popular paternity tests are brought to hilarious life as Maury delivers his famous raunchy talk show persona.

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